Music Production Courses in Chennai

Music Production Courses in Chennai

We have started to offer Music Production courses in Chennai with the help of quality teachers who will be guiding the students throughout the course.

We have formulated two programs for music production. Yearly program and 6 months program are the two programs which constitute music production.

Students will be offered a diploma certificate after the course completion from our affiliated universities. The pricing structure is also at a manageable level for the students and therefore you need not worry about the affordability factor.

music production courses in chennai

After the course completion , students can get a successful career in sound engineering , audio-visual production , mastering , mixing and scoring music. MMC integrates both the musical and technical skills that is needed for music production . By combining these two factors , we are able to produce the right kind of lessons .


Electronic Music Production Courses in Chennai

The electronic music production course is one of the most comprehensive courses that emphasises the mastery over Music Production , Theory of Music , importance of arranging music , mixing and mastering music . Composing music is taught with detailed analysis of already existing compositions.

This program is perfect for students looking to become music directors and compose their own music. Everything is listed out in steps and therefore the learning part becomes easy. We have been through all the methods and with the rich experience that we hold , we are able to guide our students easily.

As a music producer you will require two basic qualities. One is to have sound knowledge of basics in music and the other one is technical knowledge. Both these aspects are concentrated in our program and you have our music studio to practice things that you learnt from us. Hands on experience will be there for you when you graduate from the program .

Please do call us at 9789803788! We shall enroll you for the music production courses .

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