Sound Engineering Courses in Chennai

Sound Engineering Courses in Chennai

Sound engineering courses in Chennai is offered by us with quality teachers and state of the art equipments. Our classes are completely practical oriented sessions which will make you a great soung engineer.MMC is equipped with a professional music studio set up and you will be guided throughout the course by Prof.Dr.Johnpaul along with our H.O.D Baba Prasad ( Professional Sound Engineer ) .

We are offering a yearly program on sound engineering and if you are looking for best sound engineering colleges in Chennai with an affordable pricing structure, do not hesitate to call us.

Technology is advancing at rapid pace and we have the latest equipment’s and techniques to teach you sound engineering at the most affordable price.

We shall offer you a demo class about the entire syllabus. The portions are structured and formulated to make it an easy learning experience for students.


Sound Engineering Degree Courses in Chennai

There are not many sound engineering institutes in Chennai which can provide you quality training at an affordable pricing structure. We will teach you all the intricate details of sound engineering considering the affordability of the students.After doing well with the practical lessons and the theory exams , you can get sound engineering degree from our affiliated college. Students graduating from our institutes often end up with high paying sound engineering jobs due to the knowledge they possess. We will make sure that they finish the most advanced projects, before graduating and getting a diploma from us.

Sound Engineering Schools Chennai

We started this sound engineering school in Chennai with the sole intention of providing high quality training at the most affordable pricing. When you compare the quality of training we provide, you might think that the entire course is going to be too expensive. But it is actually affordable . At the same time we ensure that our classes will make you an expert in sound engineering.

After the end of the course we will offer you a diploma certificate. You can avail diploma in sound engineering after the end of the program. Contact us now and enroll for the course! Call us at 9789803788! !

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