Violin Classes in Chennai

Violin Classes in Chennai

MMC offers Violin classes in Chennai with professional players being appointed as teachers. We offer two programs for Violin course.

One year program and half yearly programs are the two programs offered for violin. Violin holding styles, bow placement, 360 degree violin positioning, and the different styles of bow stroking along with reading violin music will be part of your course module.

Students are able to play the instrument with great deal of confidence after attending our yearly programs.
We are getting a good response for our western violin classes in Chennai and we have put in our hard work to properly structure the program. Students are finding it easy to learn and they play with confidence.


Western Violin Classes Chennai

We offer the most comprehensive western violin classes in Chennai . Our teachers care about your goals and things that you aspire. We will work on a range of subjects such as sight reading , theory of music, improvisation . For students taking the most advanced classes , we focus on different techniques , various styles of playing violin and gaining mastery over the instrument.

Customized lesson plans are also part of the course that we offer. Every student will be treated uniquely and we adapt according to their absorption skills. Our students are turning out to be excellent violinists and they are able to play the most advanced compositions. Our priority in laying a strong foundation with the correct techniques , paved the way for our success.Students are also getting opportunities even when they go out of our school . When they are able to play really well , composers can call them for recording sessions too.

We will sit and discuss with you regarding your goals and aspirations in learning violin . Do call us.

Our Violin class is fun filled and at the same time it will be a great learning experience for the students. Please call us at 9789803788 for further details.

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